Many people contributed in direct and indirect way in the development of Credits. This page attempts to list their names.

  1. Baiju. M, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing for his mlsplit program for using it as a base for syllabalizer for many languages
  2. Laxminarayan Kamath for testing and feature suggestions
  3. Rajeesh Nambiar and Nishan Naseer of SMC for their contributions for Font converter
  4. Guess Language module is based on the python implementation by Kent S Johnson of guesslanguage.cpp by Jacob R Rideout for KDE which itself is based on Language::Guess by Maciej Ceglowski
  5. IT Mission, Kerala government for providing English-Malayalam dictionary in GPL license
  6. Framework uses PyMeld as templating engine.
  7. Framework is bulit on Python JSON RPC implentation.
  8. Spellcheck dictionaries for many languages are contributed by hunspell dictionaries maintained by language communities
  9. The python based spellchecker is a highly customized version of basic python spellchecker by Peter Norvig
  10. The python implementation of tex hyphenation algorithm is by Wilbert Berendsen, and it is based on Text::Hyphen of Ruby
  11. The sort module uses Python UCA implementation
  12. The thirukkural quotes collection for Random Quote module is by Manvendra Bhangui and the original text is taken from Shakthi Kannan's collection. The chanakya quotes is from Chanakya Niti website and prepared by Girish Venkatachalam
  13. The fontmap of ASCII Tamil font, Valluvar for encoding converter was contributed by Kevin.
  14. Shantanu Oak for Rs 10K donation to meet expenses of project development (March 1, 2011)