Soundex Phonetic Code Algorithm Demo for Indian Languages. Supports all indian languages and English. Provides intra-indic string comparison

To get the soundex code for a word enter a word in the text box and press Soundex button.

To compare two words, enter the words in the above text boxes and press Compare button.

Python Soundex API

This service provides indic soundex algorithm based soundex codes for a word

  • Method: modules.Soundex.soundex
    • arg1 : the word
    • Return : The soundex code for the word
  • Method:
    • arg1 : first word
    • arg2 : second word
    • Return : Returns 0 if both strings are same, 1 if strings sound phonetically same and from same language, 2 if strings are phonetically same and from different languages. Returns -1 if strings are not equal.
Sample usage is given below.
      >>>print libindic.soundex.soundex("കാര്‍ത്തിക്")